Myth of a superstar employee

We've all heard the business adage - "A players hire A players, B players hire C players." Our generation was taught this concept by Steve Jobs [1]. However, organizations often take this too far, anointing a chosen few as "high potential" stars that receive the best projects, promotions and perks. This perceived favoritism can be toxic.

Why start a blog?

This post is also the About page.

I created Insights and Incites to share my evolving perspectives on a variety of technical, organizational, and philosophical topics through a blend of data-driven insights and provocative ideas. My goal is to express myself and explain the world the way I see it though data, while also occasionally inspiring new ways of thinking. I call these "experiencial insights" because my perspectives are conditioned by my own mental priors and optimization metrics which some others have found to be intellectually stimulating and educational.