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I created Insights and Incites to share my evolving perspectives on a variety of technical, organizational, and philosophical topics through a blend of data-driven insights and provocative ideas. My goal is to express myself and explain the world the way I see it though data, while also occasionally inspiring new ways of thinking. I call these "experiencial insights" because my perspectives are conditioned by my own mental priors and optimization metrics which some others have found to be intellectually stimulating and educational.

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Unpacking the Name

"Insights and Incites" plays on providing insightful data analysis while inciting interest, homophonically. My hope is that it will condition the reader to engage into data-informed healthy debates.


  • The 'Brainy' Light Bulb: This is a universal symbol for insights. It represents the blog's goal of providing insightful content on Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI leadership. The filament inside the bulb is shaped like a brain, symbolizing intelligence and thought process.

  • The 'Tactile' Pencil: This represents the incites part of the blog title. It symbolizes the act of iterative writing, expressing intermediate thoughts, and sharing latent knowledge. Note that, it is intensionally not a pen.

My Foundations and Credentials

With over two decades of riding the technology trends, I bring a technical and mathematical point-of-view that is a differentiated blend of the old and the new. As a people leader building high-performing global teams, I also provide my take on topics like culture, mentorship, empowerment, and leading with empathy. I have previously been an active blogger and was also active at FOSS conferences and online communities. That was a different time and different content so this blog is separate from the previous ones. You can read more about my life journey in the Author tab through the navigation menu.

Let's Discover Together

This blog represents the convergence of my personal and professional passions. My hope is that readers derive their own insights while also feeling inclined to see things from a refreshed, more enlightened point of view. If that sounds good to you, then pull up a chair, put on your favorite album, and let’s get to learning, debating, and exploring together.