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Dr. Rahul Murmuria

Rahul Murmuria, Ph.D. Computer Science
Data Science & AI/ML Leader

I am on LinkedIn but charted below is a simplified summary and a detailed visual timeline of my professional career and milestones.

🌐 🚀 People and Technical Leadership

  • Built 15-member Data Science & ML team at a global market research firm ($20M+ revenue)
  • Supported 600+ enterprise customers (including NASDAQ-100 companies)
  • Delivered solutions for DARPA, DHS, NIST, NIH & military deployments

⚙️ 💻 Engineering and Technology

  • 10+ years in AI / ML, modeling complex human behaviors
  • Patented continuous user authentication via physiologic tremor

📚 🧠 Academics and Advocacy

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (Systems Design and ML)
  • Open Source Advocacy (FOSS Conferences, Workshops, Communities)

🎵 🏏 Interests

  • Metal Music, Go Karting, Indian History, Cricket, Kids Education, Governance, Policies

👩🏻‍🎤 🥷🏾 Influential Figures

  • Dr. Alan Kay, John Carmack, Dr. Leslie Lamport, Dr. Rob Pike, Dr. Vladimir Vapnik, Linus Torwalds

My professional journey

timeline 2004-2008: Built computing foundations at a top-tier engineering university in India: Led digital transformation projects and workshops: Active in FOSS conferences & communities: Built websites for non-profits and cultural festivals: Graduated with B.Tech in Computer Engineering 2009-2012: Moved to the USA to study how technical innovations shape lives: Developed Linux kernel modules, security hacks, Android apps, etc: Worked as sysadmin and research assistant: Graduated with M.S. and continued to funded Ph.D. in Computer Science 2013-2015: Consulted at the FTC on defensible data capture techniques: Created Android security tech deployed by DARPA on the war field: Completed Ph.D. degree requirements: Transitioned to F1 OPT visa and promoted to Algorithm Engineer at Kryptowire 2016-2017: Co-invented patented technology for continuous authentication on smartphones: Developed embedded ML algorithms for continuous user identity assessment: Fulfilled DARPA & DHS grants, presented at academic conferences 2017-2020: Relocated to San Francisco Bay Area for startup career and learning company building: Joined Sensor Tower to build an early stage big data analytics product: Switched to the O-1A visa in 2018 after almost deciding to move back to India 2020-present: Transformed into enterprise leader powering 30x product revenue growth: Scaled early team to 15+ DS/ML experts: Adapted through company hypergrowth and remote work culture: Achieved green card via the EB1 process and experieced self-empowerment